Welcome to
House Of Noor

(Re)Gain Your Inner Light.

Experience a Journey of Balance in a beautiful location.

Enjoy one of our 7-Day Retreats for An Integral Mind & Body InnerGrowth Health-Boost, where we will assist you to focus on yourself through Meditation, Yoga, Movement Medicine, Shiatsu, Mindfulness & Visualization, as well as Comtemplative Walks, Lectures and Seminars on Natural Law, Personal Responsibility and Emotional Intelligence, Workshops on Macrobiotics and Oxidative Therapies, at our peaceful Andalucian-style countryside house in the South of Spain.

Literally, “House Of Light” refers to ‘a place where you can inherently shine with ethereal light’; the type of light that comes from within.

The Objective of our retreats is to Inspire & Assist You Into The Art Of Living; focusing on The Challenges Of The Human Condition, walking the path towards a Life of Plenitude, Beauty, Self-Respect and Compassion. To this objective, we practice Care & Full Attention (Mindfulness), Silence & Contemplation and Science & Creativity.

These studies & practices elevates your Self-Confidence and brings Understanding, Compassion and Care to our lives; which becomes more beautiful, harmonic and full of light.

Ian & Iwona

Oh hello. My name’s Ian, and you’ve found your way to our secret place. Iwona and I consider ourselves avid inner-wanderers; as your hosts, we would like to invite you to an opportunity for ‘a small big journey’ into Peace, Balance and Health.

We take care of everything and organize pleasant, healthy and educational holiday retreats based upon +25 years of research; we accumulate decades of knowledge and experience, from Hatha & Kundalini Yoga to Transcendental Meditation and Holotropic Breathwork, as well as deep insight into Natural Law, Emotional Intelligence and Science & Creativity.

The House Of Noor

(Re)Gain Your Inner Light!

An Experience that Benefits Your Spirit.

Our InnerGrowth Experiential Retreats are Designed for Anyone between 18 to 90 years old; no former experience of any kind is required.

All Retreat Packages include:

(For Groups of 6 People only, no children.)

Welcome Pack & Gift include a Printed Dossier with all educational material and a Notebook & Pencil for taking notes. At the end, you will get digital copies of Portrait and Group Photographs of your stay, together with a beautiful gift.

All Meals are elaborated with Top-Quality, Local, Seasonal & Organic Ingredients.

Yoga & Meditation Practices are provided by a Certified Professional with 20 years of experience.

Shiatsu Reflexology Therapy sessions are provided by a Certified Professional with +20 years of experience.

Equine-Assisted Therapy does not imply riding on top of the animal and it’s supervised by a Certified Professional.

Flight Tickets are NOT included. Groups must arrive to Málaga Airport on the same flight.

As a Non-Profit Organization, All Payments are destined to covers costs; it also includes a 70€ Donation to Help Develop other Projects within The Trivium Association.

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Caring for Your InnerGrowth

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“An amazing experience! So much kindness, so much insight.”

— Anna Wong, A Friend.

Simple yet calming spaces…
A place to relax and focus on yourself…
Conscious eating is also important…
Waking up in peace, amidst an ocean of light…


Simple yet comfortable fully-equipped morrocan-style countryside house with swimming pool.

2 King-size bedrooms, a two individual-bed room, two full bathrooms, a full kitchen and laundry room, a dinning area, two living-rooms and plenty of space for reading and relaxing.

Surrounded by a beautiful natural reserve, with exterior terraces, open areas and sunbathing hammocks. WiFi is available. No TV.

A place to learn and share…

“Happiness springs from doing good and helping others.”

— Plato

The Trivium Association is a Non-Profit Organization, with no religious or political affilliation.

Thanks to your contributions to our Retreats & Activities you are helping us help others.



Upcoming Life-Altering Inner-Growth Retreat

– October 21st to the 28th, 2023 –

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